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Try Codeface With These Codebase File Downloads

October 20, 2022 • Sebastian Fichtner

Here are some .codebase files to download as showcases and as a way for you to easily check out Codeface without having to setup LSP Servers via LSPService:

.codebase File Download File Size GitHub Project
LSPServiceKit 23 KB codeface-io/LSPServiceKit
flutter_enhanced_template 149 KB bvoq/flutter_enhanced_template
SwiftLSP 196 KB codeface-io/SwiftLSP
SwiftNodes 273 KB codeface-io/SwiftNodes
SwiftObserver 330 KB codeface-io/SwiftObserver
SourceKit-LSP (ZIP) 504 KB apple/sourcekit-lsp

The following visualizations preview some of the codebase files. In-depth visualizations of SourceKit-LSP are already over here.




Flutter Enhanced Template


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